How does the Boteca platform fit
into your ecosystem?

Easily and quickly! Our team takes care of most of the configuration.
Whether it’s the store locator, local pages or both, we deliver the right solutions. 

Boteca intègre très facilement les meilleurs outils DMS et CRM du marché : Carfac, iReach, Selligent, Wacs Online,...

Your leads in your systems

Boteca easily integrates the best DMS and CRM tools on the market: Carfac, iReach, Selligent, Wacs Online, etc.

Your customers’ requests are loaded directly into your tracking systems.

Sale of stock and used vehicles

Autoscout, Car Flow Management, etc. Boteca integrates the most popular vehicle sales tools and platforms on the market.

So you can present the best of your selection to your customers and have a better chance of finding your future buyers.

Autoscout, Car Flow Management, ... Boteca intègre les outils et plateformes de vente de véhicules les plus popluaires du marché.
Boteca peut intégrer Google Tag Manager ainsi que beaucoup d'autres outils de mesures afin de monitorer la performance et l'impact de vos actions marketing sur vos sites web.

Accurate measurements

Boteca can integrate Google Tag Manager and many other measurement tools to monitor the performance and impact of your marketing actions on your websites.

Of course, all this is done in full compliance with the GDPR standards in force in Europe.

Synchronisation with your Google Business Profile

Do you have a Google Business Profile account? Import your opening hours and photos easily!

You’ll also be able to display your reviews and ratings on the pages managed by Boteca. This will reinforce the credibility of your brand in the eyes of your visitors and future customers!

Vous possédez un compte Google Business Profile ? Importez vos horaires et vos photos dans Boteca sans effort !

Store Locator

The store locator is easily installed on your site. We have modules for wordpress and prestashop.

Of course, if your site is ” tailor-made ” or written in another programming language, we provide your developer with all the necessary information to integrate the store locator.