How does the Boteca platform fit
into your ecosystem?

Easily and quickly! Our team takes care of most of the configuration.
Whether it’s the store locator, local pages or both, we deliver the right solutions. 

Store Locator

The store locator is easily installed on your site. We have modules for wordpress and prestashop.

Of course, if your site is ” tailor-made ” or written in another programming language, we provide your developer with all the necessary information to integrate the store locator.

Local Pages

Give each store a branded website. To do this, each page has its own address. They will all be presented behind a subdomain of your main domain (e.g.: “”).

You then customize the content of each store: photo, address, opening hours, contact information, promotions, events, products and services available, … from a central platform!

Do you have other
questions ?

From experience, we know that each development is unique.

If you have more precise technical questions concerning the integration of Boteca into your environment, please contact us.